Are you tired of being fearful?  Do you wish your phobia could be gone with very little effort on your part?

Having a phobia is like having a “splinter in your mind.”  Everything is fine unless you bump up against your particular trigger.  Then there is pain and fear.  You protect yourself from contact with your trigger as much as possible, but sometimes contact is unavoidable.  The contact can lead to full blown panic, deep anxiety and a lot of embarrassment.


Phobias feel tricky because, when they are triggered, they seem to be bigger than they really are.  Sometimes it feels like the phobia has always been there and that it will continue to always be there no matter what you do.

The bad news is that phobias rarely go away on their own.  But the good news is that they can usually be reversed naturally and effortlessly.

Phobias are healed in only one way:  Somehow, the connection between the fearful object or situation, and your typical response to it, must be disconnected.  It’s that simple.  but how to break the connection?

For more information on how I work, and the anatomy of a typical Phobia Disconnect session, please see the How I Work page.

I have good news for you – your goal is within your grasp!

The truth is, having a phobia is like having a splinter.  It is not your natural state.  The thing that triggers your fears, whether it is deep water, spiders, flying or some other thing, is exhausting and unnatural to your system.  The human energy system naturally gravitates toward healing, and healing is possible.

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