About Karen

I have been an EFT practitioner since 2008. I discovered EFT when I developed an ear infection that I could not get rid of until I addressed it with EFT.  The ear infection proved to be my own personal rabbit hole down into the world of my suppressed childhood trauma.  Well, I was trying to suppress it, but not doing a very good job of it, actually.  Out of my ear infection ordeal, I learned several things.   For one thing, I realized that a physical problem can be the doorway to emotional healing, and emotional wounding will sometimes manifest as various physical ailments.  With EFT, I could jump into the energy disruption cycle and interrupt it at any point.  This understanding helped me understand phobias and the traumas that often underlie them.

I also became interested in the energy system of the body.  Just as thought is portrayed in the Harry Potter series as something between liquid and solid (when used in the Pensieve) energy blockages are often fluid and changeable, and they can be reached by addressing the physical body, the thought system and/or the emotions.  Sometimes in one session, a client’s discomfort will morph from physical discomfort to emotional discomfort and then back again to physical discomfort.  In these cases we will “chase the pain” through different systems.  It is possible to do this because EFT is uniquely suited to work in three different areas – the body, the rational mind and the emotions.

I also noticed, in the early days of seeing clients, that when my clients talked about their traumas, my energy system could help strengthen theirs while they addressed their issues.  Visions of my nervous system as scaffolding around theirs would come to me when a client was struggling through something.  I realized that energetically, I could literally hold the space for my clients so that they could heal.  Part of what allowed me to do this was that I tapped along with my clients, so that their trauma would not stick with me.   Tapping on myself allowed me to hear the stories of my clients without getting lost in the pain.

My proudest achievements as a professional might seem rather pedestrian to the person who has never experienced a phobia – I just help people live fearless lives. After our work together they can once again drive a car, fly in an airplane, enter a dark room without fearful thoughts.   And after the extended programs, the fearlessness is even more pronounced.  Their lives are dictated by their goals, desires and responsibilities, not their fears and torments.

The only other thing I think you might want to know about me is my educational background.  In terms of formal education, I have a Bachelor’s Degree from CSU Northridge in Religious Studies.  I draw heavily on my education in my work, as I find that each of the world’s major religious traditions has gifted us with profound and useful knowledge.  I also have 25 years of meditation experience, which is equally useful.  During those 25 years,  I have both studied and taught meditation practice.


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