How I Work

On this page, I share with you the results you can expect if you work with me; my guiding beliefs in the realm of healing; the approach I take in my sessions; and how I am different from other professionals who specialize in healing phobias.

Expected Results

Although I do not guarantee any particular result, there are certain results that my clients achieve on a consistent basis.

  • Phobias usually resolve within one to three sessions.  This means that you are no longer vulnerable to being hijacked by                                                                                                 your nervous system.  It also means that whatever it was that was triggering states of panic in you is now a neutral object.  You will react to it like just about everybody else does, calmly and without the charge that you have carried up until now.

For clients who choose to enter one of my extended programs, the benefits multiply exponentially, and you will experience one or more of these benefits:

  • You will dramatically change your relationship to fear.  In the extended program, you will become aware of your unique response to fear.  Not only will you learn how it functions below your awareness, you will also learn to use fear to help you so much that you will actually welcome its messages!
  • You will see how fearfulness due to past events affects your choices.  Once you become clear on what influences you, you will change your life by making more effective choices in every area that matters to you, whether it is parenting, advancing in your career, finding a mate, or anything else.
  • You will become aware of your values and how you priortize them, and re-order those values so that you can live the life that is perfect for you.  Most of us make choices and decisions without any conscious awareness of what is driving us.  Becoming aware of your values and then choosing what you want to value the most will give you an autonomy and clarity that most people only dream of.

Guiding Beliefs

One of the key principles that guides me in my work is my belief that you can have what you want if you are willing to make a study of it and invest time and resources into it.  It might take concerted effort, planning and time, but you can have it.  One of the fastest ways to get what you want is to uncover your fears and deal with them.  I can help you there!

The other key belief is that knowing how one’s own mind works is a basic survival skill that every human being should have.   After years of practicing and teaching meditation, and also of doing healing work with phobias, I can often see how catastrophes could have been averted, and much human suffering could have been avoided, had my clients (and myself!) been aware of the workings of their own mind.  Sometimes just a simple awareness of the machinations of our own minds can be extremely helpful in getting us back on our feet.

My Approach

First sessions are 90 minutes long; other appointments are usually one hour.  The basic structure of an appointment is that I will ask you questions, some detailed and some open-ended.  There is no right or wrong way to answer the questions – I just want to hear you talk about what is going on for you.  After I have a sense of where to begin our work, we will begin the tapping.   Between rounds of tapping, I will ask you what’s going on for you.  I do this because tapping loosens up the “gunk” we are working to clear.  It causes “random” thoughts to go through your mind that are actually golden clues as to where we should go next.  The appointment continues with this balance of talking, tapping and “checking in” after each round of tapping.

In each session, we will choose one thing to work on, either a particular fear, an old event that still has a charge for you, or a goal that you are working toward.  If we are doing phobia work, then we will address the phobia.  Keeping the focus of each appointment specific to one thing speeds up the work immeasurably.

Regarding the tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique uses a system of light tapping with the fingertips on the beginning points of acupuncture meridians.   In addition, the tapping is combined with spoken affirmations, which I give to my clients to repeat.  The tapping is done by the client on his or her own body, and the tapping spots range from the top of the head to around the rib cage and under the armpits.

My Uniqueness

 The main thing that makes me different from other EFT Practitioners is that I specialize in phobias.  Just phobias.  I don’t train other EFT Practitioners, I don’t try to master many areas of human experience at once, and I don’t try to follow the literature for all the difficulties a person can experience. Several years of specializing in phobias and how to heal it them allowed me to recognize patterns quickly.  I do not spend a lot of time wondering exactly how your phobia works because I have seen phobias over and over again.  What does that mean for you?  It means that, if you are ready to get to work, much less of your time and money will be devoted to fixing a problem that has already taken too much from you.  It means that we will work quickly and efficiently, and get you free of your phobia fast!
Another thing you should know about me is that I do not rest until we have accomplished our goal.  This means that, in one-on-one sessions, we will only go to the areas where change is possible.  It means that during every moment of our session, I am watching for the “in” where healing can take place.  Sometimes that means helping you get into a more resourceful state of mind from which you can jump into a new awareness; sometimes it means directly addressing your past; sometimes it means looking at a seemingly small incident from your day, and learning with you how it is a microcosm for the macrocosm of your life.  As the old saying goes, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  With that wisdom, we can use whatever is bothering you to heal your past.
The last thing that makes me different from other EFT Practitioners is my 25 years of  meditation experience and my study of the Wisdom Traditions.   If you have truly seen one mind, you have seen them all.  Practitioners who try to help other people with trauma when they don’t understand how the mind works can run into a lot of roadblocks!  Between my own meditation practice, and my experience as a meditation teacher, I have seen the pitfalls we all fall into when our minds run the show instead of work in our service.  With my many years of meditation practice, I can help you notice your thoughts and the huge impact they have on your emotional and physical well being.  With this ability comes long-lasting healing!
Now that you have an idea of the results you can expect by working with me, and my approach and philosophy of working with clients, I would invite you to take a look at the  Services  page to learn about the specific services I offer. 

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