Services and Programs


I offer one-on-one Emotional Freedom Technique sessions that take away phobias for good.  The purpose of these sessions is to naturally and effortlessly remove whatever it is that stands between you and your complete peace of mind.   After your phobia has been cleared, if you decide to join me in one of my programs, we then explore lesser fears, how they impact your life, and how they fit into your value system.

You will also learn the tapping points well enough so that you can do EFT on yourself at home.  One of the primary benefits of these sessions is the independence that comes with knowing how to clear your own energy system.

If  you would like to explore the prospect of working with me,  I would be delighted to talk with you.  Call 213-675-2064 or email me at and we will set up a time to speak on the phone.  In the phone conversation, we will get to know each other a little bit.  If we  decide to work together, then we will schedule a time to meet.  Appointments are held in one of four ways:  In person at my Los Angeles office; by Skype; by telephone; or in the field.  We will decide on the best way of doing the appointment during our initial telephone conversation.


The Intensive:

The intensive consists of three sessions in one week, usually scheduled every other day. Sessions last about one hour. Also included in the Intensive is  email support (emails and texts will be answered within three hours during the day, eight hours in the evening). This option is for the individual who wants to just “git ‘er done.” At the end of the Intensive Week, you can expect to have made enormous shifts and changes. The Intensive is most often used for clients who find that they have a lot of clearing work to do in order to reach their goals.  This work actually goes faster and ultimately takes less time  when it is approached with this much focus and concentration. Cost:  $350.

Lightening the Load

This program is a modified version of the Personal Peace Procedure, which was devised by Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique. In this program, you choose 10 past events that stand between the “you” of today and the “you” of the future, with your magnificence unleashed; the “you” who has named your goals, set your intention and knocked out every conceivable obstacle in the way.   Sometimes we decide on these events together; other times, you know exactly what they are without coaching from me. In 10 sessions, we name the events and then clear each of them, leaving you with the lessons and the wisdom, but not the pain.  When so many past events are tackled in such a short time, it becomes much easier to get clear on the higher meaning of difficult situations. Suggested interval is one to two sessions per week.  Cost:  $1200

Eye of the Storm

This is one-on-one coaching on a monthly basis. The program involves one session per week.  It is designed to provide ongoing support for people in the midst of a situation they find challenging or difficult, or simply to build the extremely valuable momentum that will take you to the goals you are wanting to reach now, and even beyond them.  Cost:  $550/month

Single Sessions

Single sessions are best for returning clients who want to do some “brush-up” work, although that is not a requirement.  Cost:  $130

If you would like more information on any of these programs, I encourage you to call 213-675-2064, or email me at  I urge you to take action right now toward releasing anything that does not serve you and causes you pain.  Freedom can be yours, more quickly and effortlessly than you could have imagined!

The fine print:  Sessions must be cancelled 48 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee of $50.


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