Who I Work With

I work with people of all walks of life who struggle with the debilitating effects of a phobia.  Sometimes my clients know exactly when and where their phobia began, and other times it seems as if the phobia just materialized out of thin air one day, but what all my clients have in common is that there is some situation, some object, some animal, which they are completely vulnerable to and at the mercy of.

Are any of these statements true for you?

Your life goes along pretty well until you find yourself butting up against your phobia.  Regardless of what the phobia is, every now and then you find yourself unavoidably forced into relationship with it.  Then you go from being composed and competent to frightened, desperate and panicked.

When you are confronted with your phobia, you desperately wish it was gone, or that you had some way to work around it, but once the trigger is gone, you want to avoid even thinking about it.  Phobias are either triggered or dormant.  They can be triggered by being in the presence of what scares you, or even just thinking about it.  In those cases, motivation for change runs high.  When they are dormant, however, life feels fine, it feels doable.

You fear that you will be stuck with this phobia forever, no matter what you do.   Your phobia seems so huge and overwhelming when it is triggered that it feels like it is who you are.  Liberation from that fear may not even be something you have seriously considered.

You secretly fear that your phobia is evidence of some weakness in you.  You look around you and see people who don’t have evidence of a powerful fear like yours, and it makes you wonder why you are crippled by fear at times and they aren’t.  This point is especially relevant for people who do not know where their phobia came from.

You have found yourself in embarrassing situations more than once because you could not go somewhere or do something because of your phobia.  Because the rest of your life works so well, it makes it doubly hard when your phobia asserts itself and prevents you from doing what you want to do, or what everyone around you is doing.

We are likely to be successful in our work together if the following statements apply to you:

You are completely committed to living your life fully, and to stop giving a piece of it away to your phobia.  You are done worrying about whether you will be triggered and how you will handle it.  You are no longer willing to be embarrassed in front of your friends, your children, or anyone, for that matter!  Your highest priority is to be free from your panic and fear.

You are willing to join me in some “detective work” if you don’t know where the phobia came from.  This work is not about wallowing in the past or chatting endlessly about what Mom might have done to cause this problem; rather, it is a focused inquiry into the exact link that was formed between the stimulus of your trigger and the response that you learned would keep you safe.  Once we have the link, we can clear it and send you out the door as a free person!

You are ready to invest the time, energy and finances necessary in order to be free of your fear forever.  When EFT is used, the work of clearing a phobia is remarkably natural, effortless and safe; however, it is still necessary to commit the necessary resources to this work.  (See the Services and Programs page for more information.)

Now that you know who I do my best work with, please check out the How I Work  page for more information!


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